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Friday, October 31, 2014

Spain’s ‘Google Tax’ Becomes Law

I mentioned a while ago that Spain was considering putting a tax on web links. As reported by Gizmodo, that tax is now in force. From Spain’s New “Google Tax” Could Be Bad for Everyone… The Spanish government has just approved a horrible law that will force news aggregation services, such as Google News, to pay
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The Grand Vision For The Next 10 Years Of Facebook

According to Business Insider, Mark Zuckerberg Just Revealed His Grand Vision For The Next 10 Years Of Facebook In summary, he wants to have multiple Facebook products — WhatsApp, Messenger, Search, Video, NewsFeed, Oculus, and Instagram — each connect 1 billion users. Once those have reached mass scale, then he’ll start to aggressively monetize them.
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YouTube Looks At Subscriptions For An Advert Free Experience

Have you ever thought, while watching videos on YouTube, “I’d pay to get rid of those damn adverts!”. Well, that option may well become available. According to a report on GigaOm, YouTube may add a site-wide paid subscription so you won’t have to watch ads anymore… YouTube is exploring the idea to add a paid service plan
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Twitpic Saved For Now In New Twitter Deal

The mysterious fate of Twitpic has finally been decided. Gizmodo and The Guardian report that it has been shut down but will live on as an archive only. The domain and images will become part of Twitter. Users can login to Twitpic but all you can do is download your own content or delete it.
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EU Says Embedding Copyrighted YouTube Video Is Not copyright Infringement

A rather important European Union Court decision states that embedding a copyrighted YouTube video in your site is not copyright infringement. This good news for anyone involved with content curation. This comes from a recent case… This week the Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling on one such case that deals with a crucial
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The Hidden Workforce That Protects You From The Worst Of Humanity

Have you ever given any thought as to how Facebook ensures content is appropriate? Forget about political messages that outrage, I’m talking about pictures of violence, cruelty and inhuman acts. Ever gave a moment as to wonder how YouTube does the same? How does it keep beheadings and animal cruelty videos of it’s network? There
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Public Q And A – In Mandarin Chinese

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, posted yesterday… “On Wednesday I did my first ever public Q&A in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing!”, “We discussed connecting the world, Internet.org, innovation, and the early days of Facebook.” He spoke Mandarin Chinese with only breaking in to English once and only then to say, “I’m sorry,”, when
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Harsher Penalties For Convicted UK Internet trolls

Life will be getting tougher for Internet trolls if new plans go into effect. The UK justice secretary,  Chris Grayling,  plans changes that would mean that those who spread “venom” on social media could be jailed for up to two years. From Internet trolls face four times longer in jail, Chris Grayling pledges Grayling, who spoke of a
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New Flickr And Tumblr Apps Released In Time For Yosemite

According to reports on Engadget, Flickr and Tumblr have release new versions of the their apps. Just in time for the latest version of Apple’s OSX – Yosemite. From Flickr chooses a great time to launch its iPad app Apple has chosen to focus on the iPad’s camera abilities with the upcoming Air 2 (we wish they
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How Top Instagramers Reap The Rewards

Top Instagramers can take advantage of their large following, as I’ve mention before – here and here. The New York Times has a feature where they  look in to ‘pictures for products’ and quite often services. It’s not always about money… These were deals made in exchange for posts on Instagram, where a thriving economy has emerged
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Friday, October 17, 2014 | Be first to comment