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26 Great Tips For Any Business Using Instagram


The Social Media Explorer Blog recently posted a really helpful article on using Instagram for business (a full 26 tips!). The post, by Debbie Hemley, looks at the different ways a business can get the most out of Instagram. One very helpful item that may have gone unnoticed by many, is the Instagram For Business advice blog which is available off the main site.

Are you wondering how to use images and short video to enhance your customers’ experience?

Have you considered creating a brand profile on Instagram to make your brand visible to a new market?

Getting started on Instagram is fairly straightforward.

Simply sign up for an account (e.g., use the same name as your Twitter handle), add aprofile photo (e.g., brand logo) and a link to your website, connect your account to Facebook and let your followers know they can follow you there.

It’s what to do next that presents a difficulty for many brands

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