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Is Facebook Screwing Up Business Pages?

facebook-pagesTwo recent posts caught my eye recently and got me thinking. Do you remember all that fuss way back when Facebook was throttling back posts from pages? Only a small percentage of updates from a page was reaching users newsfeeds.

I have questioned in the past if Facebook pages was a good idea for small businesses and it seems the answer is no. According to one of the recent posts, ‘How Facebook is Killing The Small Business Fanpage‘…

Facebook is being honest– I like that, but it’s a little bit late, almost 2 years. What they say makes sense. As more companies are trying to fight for attention they are posting more often, writing more content and sharing more images.

Instead of people having 1500 items in their newsfeeds that Facebook uses their algorithm to sort (they delivered about 300 of that) they are probably getting more potential items in their feed queue.

Think about it, a person doesn’t normally unlike as many pages as they like. It’s similar to your Twitter account, the more people you like the more choked up your home feed is.

The difference with Twitter is that you have options to unfollow, split up lists of people, search more intelligently and use tools like Hootsuite to manage your feed.

If you want to put it in to real terms and what it means then take a read of Derek Halperns latest post, ‘Warning: If You Have A Facebook Fan Page, Read This…

If you’re like me, you often share a lot of great content that doesn’t cost anything.

And your fans like your page because they want this content.

However, Facebook wants us to pay to reach our fans. That’s 100% okay when you’re selling something, but when you’re just giving away valuable content, it does not make financial sense.

And since it doesn’t make financial sense to promote content you give away, this means your fans won’t receive the content they want (as demonstrated by them liking your page).

They’ll only see what you pay to promote and you’ll only pay to promote sales pitches.

This is bad for you and your fans.

Will you keep using Facebook pages or migrate to Google Plus or something else? Leave your comments below…

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